Inspection Services

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Company Globus ICITS OÜ at this moment is ready to perform for You the following inspections:

1. Quality control and verifying of cargo.
2. Draft Survey.
3. Ullage Survey.
4. Determination of the quantity cargo by weighing on electronic scales.
5. On/Off-Hire Survey, Bunker Survey.
6. Vessel’s Condition Survey.
7. Pre-loading Vessel’s Hold Inspection, Container Inspection, etc.
8. Control of hatches watertightness by hose.
9. Cargo Pre-shipment inspection.
10. Cargo Damage Survey, Investigation of cargo damage causes.
11. Cargo shortage investigation.
12. Implementation of control audits of general cargo during storage.
13. Full time supervision during loading/discharge operations.
14. Sampling according to ISO/GOST/GAFTA standards.
15. Operational control of the goods quality during loading/unloading, incl.:
• Particle sizing determination (granulometry) at the spot, conductivity of urea, etc.
• Analyses of test weight, moisture, sieving, admixtures for cereals, control of grain pests infestation, etc.
16. Fumigation of cargoes, which are vulnerable to infection by insects.
17. Sealing and unsealing operations.
18. Tally services.

Globus ICITS OÜ inspectors and experts with over 20 years’ experience as various general cargoes (fertilizers in bags, metal slabs / ingots and coils / packets, cocoa beans and cocoa products, deep-frozen meat, vegetables, fruits and other food products, paper rolls, tires, various packaged goods and industrial equipment) and cargo in bulk (fertilizers, grain, wood chips, scrap metal, etc.).